Student Testimonials:




July 3, 2013     

    Last year my wife and I took a class to begin the process of obtaining our Concealed Weapon License. We were both novices and when we finished the class neither of us felt any more comfortable with a weapon so we did not pursue the license. Then we met Major Norm Belson! If you want to "skate" through a class DO NOT sign up with the Major. If you want to learn to handle a weapon, shoot a weapon, respect a weapon and be comfortable doing so then the Major is your man!

    Even prior to taking the class, Major Belson met my wife at Bill Jackson's Shop for Adventure to help her purchase a weapon. After the purchase, he spent another afternoon teaching her about the gun and then spent time with her at the shooting range. My wife was ecstatic. People like the Major don't come around very often. The class was awesome! He spent a great deal of time teaching us gun safety and how to respect the weapon. At the range I was very tense and as the day went by I became more and more comfortable. As with anything, repetition and concentration will allow you to be more accomplished. 

    The final 4 hours were done at our home where we learned we pretty much had an open door policy for potential Burglars and presented solutions to our security problems. Norm and his lovely wife Jane also took the time to come to my office building and helped to improve security there. Highly, highly recommended! Thank you Norm and Jane

Your Friends always,

Frank and Kim




Major Belson --


I watched the interview with you on ABC regarding firearms and Florida's Stand Your Ground law. You talk more sense in 5 minutes than most people can do given 5 hours. The sad irony is that interview was but days before the tragic shooting (Trayvon Martin) in Orlando that is now creating a media storm. Your philosophy is a variation on the famous Chinese Sun Tzu "to win without fighting is best." I am a lawyer (JD - Unnamed Ivy League College) -- I do not think you can make stupidity illegal.  And what Zimmerman did was at a minimum stupid. It sure seems it should be illegal. I do not own a gun and only used a few in my life. But if anyone were to ask me who to go to I would send them to you. No questions asked.


Stuart D.



February 23rd, 2012

Hi Norm -


Thank you for the updates and information. The security officer forgot the number one and number two rules -- " Assume every gun is loaded "and "don't touch the trigger unless you are ready to shoot." When you carry everyday I believe that a person gets so comfortable with the weapon they forget the basic rules of gun handling, sort of like the carpenter that cuts his finger off because he is comfortable with the saw he is using. You have to stop and THINK before you hand your gun to anybody period!  I would like to thank you once again for the great training I received from you when I took your CWP class in 2006. When I tell people what we did during the class they are amazed vs them taking a class at a gun show or at another shop or range. I'll continue to recommend you to anyone that is considering CWP training.


Thanks  Mike K.



February 23rd, 2012


Dear Major -


It is great to hear from you. As a recent graduate of one of your classes, the first things I thought of when I heard about this tragic incident, were the things that you had just taught me starting with "Don't tell anybody you have a gun!" ( Much less passing it around like it was a toy!) Next the aspects of pointing it in an unsafe direction & making sure the chamber is clear. This was exactly my biggest fear when I sought you out, so that before I ever got involved with firearms, I would be PROPERLY trained & would hopefully never make such a careless and stupid mistake. I thank you again sir,
for being out there as a resource for those of us who want to do things the right way & be trained PROPERLY. You & your wife are a great asset to this community and I hope you know how much what you folks do is truly appreciated. Thanks again!


Your recent graduate Dan M.



November 7, 2011


Thanks Norm and Jane!

It is always a good feeling to be around two people we both respect so much! Thanks for helping us protect ourselves. It is never pleasant to think someone in your "inner circle" has deceived you but it happens to all of us at some time , maybe not as drastic as destroying a life time of effort, but sometimes life's natural disasters can take care of that too! I don't know much about locks but the "Billy Button" on our sliders is brilliant!

We are talking about your system and my husband will get back to you on that and any further surveillance equipment. Thanks again for your expert advice. I will always remember your miracle grand-child story and the special blessing you have!




November 14, 2009


Dear Norman:

Just a brief note on behalf of my wife and I to thank you and your lovely wife Jane for an amazing day of instruction and enlightenment yesterday. Without question, the depth and breadth of your approach and overall quality of presentation far exceeded our expectations. We've been interested in obtaining our Concealed Weapons Permits for quite some time and have shopped around for the "right" course to accomplish this. It was only through Ali's diligent quest for the "best" course (as my birthday gift) that brought us to you. And quite frankly, all the other courses we previewed now pale in comparison to yours, as they come across as a "fast food" approach to a Concealed Weapon Permit versus a thoughtful, disciplined and quality ten-course dinner!

Again, our sincere appreciation for a job so very well done. Please don't hesitate to use us as a reference for anyone shopping for the best Weapon Permit Class available.

We'll be back in touch after our Permits are received from the State - likely to schedule a refresher course and to seek your expert advice on gun selection.

Best regards,

Dennis P.

PS -- And thanks for the birthday cake - what a wonderful surprise!




    I took the concealed weapons permit from Norm Belson at Knight Shooting Sports. I had been thinking about getting a permit to carry a concealed weapon for some time.  It definitely is not a decision that I made lightly. I saw many classes available at gun shows, flyers, radio advertisement, and other advertisements telling me how easy it was to get the permit. Making the decision to carry a concealed weapon is a life changing decision that demands a lot of additional responsibility. Because of this, I was not going to take a class simply because it was easy to complete the course and get a license. I wanted something that I would be able to learn the ramifications of my decision as well as the additional responsibility that I would be taking on by exercising my Constitutional Rights. When I heard about Norm's class and went to his web site, the decision was made which course I would be taking. Sure, I found classes that were less expensive, but the VALUE that I received from Norm's class far exceeded the additional money that I paid. 

    After the class was over, I knew that I made the right decision. From the time that I was barely able to walk I have been around guns.  Growing up on a cattle ranch I have been carrying a .45 long colt during roundups and have been hunting with my grandfather since a young boy. When it came to handling a gun and being able to shoot, I was not at all concerned about being able to complete this. I have to say though that I learned quite a bit about how to handle myself in a real gunfight and am definitely much more confident if I am ever put in that position. The second half of the class deals with the legal ramifications of deciding to carry a concealed weapon. Because of Norm's past experiences I do not believe that anyone else would have been able to communicate these issues as effectively. Whether you decide to carry a gun, knife, pepper spray, or other concealed weapon I would suggest you take Norm's class. As a matter of fact even if you don't make that decision, taking Norm's class has made me more aware of how to keep my family safe in my home and on the street.


Todd E.




Major Belson: 
    I recently attended your Concealed Weapons Permit class and would like to thank you for your excellent instruction. I had almost no handgun experience before taking your class but came away with confidence in my ability to safely handle and discharge a firearm. I found your discussion on personal security and especially home security to be extremely helpful.  I also really appreciated the one-on-one instruction. 

    I would also like to mention how easy the CWP processing was. I made an appointment for late afternoon Wednesday, spent 3 min filling out the computerized application, had my fingerprints and photo taken and was out the door in about 15 min. The staff was very courteous and efficient and I had my CWP in my mailbox the following Wednesday.  I knew the process had been expedited, but one week is pretty quick.  Seems like at least one thing is working in Tallahassee. Thanks Again
Richard K.  




    Major Norm, I thank you for one of the most thorough, exhilarating and confidence boosting experiences I have ever had.  I simply could not have had a more professional introduction to what, I am certain, will 
become my new passion.  Your great care, anecdotes, and commitment made for an excellent educational opportunity, and your coaching on the range was perfect for me.  I left your class feeling strong in my 
abilities and with a huge desire to learn as much as I can and develop solid shooting skills.  I will be calling to arrange the one-to-one time I inquired about at class end.  Many, many thanks for your part in a very important day.

Best regards,
Deborah G.



Dear Major Belson:

     It has been six months now since I took your concealed weapons course. I carry my Smith and Wesson M&P .45 all day every day.  I no longer notice the weight when I'm carrying, I notice it when I'm not.   I shoot at least 250 rounds (usually more) every month.

     Every day I get ready for work.  I put on my holster.  I check my firearm (it's always loaded with one in the chamber but I check anyway).  I grab an extra magazine.  Then I say to myself out loud, "Today is the day that I will need this gun to defend myself or someone else.  Today is the day."  Am I hoping today is the day?  No!  I just want my mind-set to be ready when the time comes.  I want to use that extra millisecond that my brain would have needed to overcome the surprise that something bad was indeed happening.  I want to use that extra millisecond to send 230 grains of 45 caliber jacketed hollow point to it's intended target.

     I have developed the habit of being relaxed but alert.  I sit facing the  door, back to the wall, where ever I go.  I know the exits.  I have a plan and, more importantly, I communicate that plan to my wife if she is with me.  I look at everyone that comes in and I look at their actions and demeanor.  If I'm going into a convenience store I pause before I get out of my car.  I look around and I look inside. I watch to see who's behind me when I'm standing in line.  I make sure all the doors in the house are locked all the time, not just at night.  I look outside before I open the door to leave the house.  I keep the car doors locked when I'm driving.  I keep at least a car length between my car and the car in front when I'm stopped at an intersection and  I am aware of who is behind me and on either side and who is walking on the sidewalks.

     My wife says it seems like an awful lot of work watching all the time.  But, really it isn't.  I'm just as relaxed as she is but, I am more aware and alert.  It is a habit now and comes automatically.  I've always been a people watcher anyway so it was an easy habit to form.  Now I watch with a purpose.

    She asks why I have to lock everything up all the time since it probably won't keep a determined intruder out.  I tell her the locked doors are not to keep the criminals out but to give them a line they have to work to cross.  They have to break something.  That gives me more notice and therefore more time.  Even one more second of time could be the difference I need to save her life or mine. 

    When I have the opportunity I encourage everyone I talk to, outside of work, to get a permit and get a gun.  I have convinced at least two people to do so and one more is seriously considering it.  I always recommend they attend your class.  One I know did not follow my suggestion to use you and he took a class in Sarasota instead.  I asked him about the shooting part of the class and he told me they each had to fire two rounds!  I was shocked.  He is a first time gun owner.  A senior citizen.  And he had just purchased his new gun ( A .44 revolver which he loads with .410 shotgun ammo).  He now has a permit but doesn't carry his pistol on his person.  He keeps it in the glove compartment or in the night stand.  Now my fear is the first time the gun is used it will be on him!

    I am the manager of a 55+ plus community. The president of the association knows I carry but never mentions it.  I often catch him looking, trying to see if I have my gun.  He has never mentioned it, as far as I know, to the other members of the board of directors and no one else has ever questioned me on it.

    I have gone on to take four days of advanced pistol training at Front Sight in Las Vegas.  When my wife saw how much I spent on the class she nearly shot me with my own gun.  But, while it was expensive it does give me more confidence in my skill level.   

    Thank you so much for getting me off on the right foot.  Your class may have been just a starting point for me but it was the correct starting point.  I will continue to recommend you to all who are interested.

    Have a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy 2009.


Yours Truly,

Glenn D.




    I just haven't had time to thank you for the enjoyable learning experience we had on Sunday.  While Rick may never shoot a gun, at least he stuck with class and said he would go with me to practice once in a while.  That way he will know what to do and how to handle a gun.  Never having held a gun until that day, I didn't think I would enjoy the experience as much as I did.  I went into it hoping not to embarrass myself by missing the target all together or shooting my foot off.  I was happily surprised that I did as well as I did.  My shots all hit the mark in a good spot.  I was even more surprised that in the rapid fire portions I continued to do well without really using the gun sights.  I think we have decided on the Smith and Wesson M & P 9MM.  I used it in class and it felt comfortable.  I learned a lot from you and hope to take a refresher class every year.  I also plan to spend some time each month at the range perfecting a skill I hope to never have to use, but feel more confident because it is a skill I now have.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wife.


Barbara A.




Hi Norm,


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class on Saturday. When I started I was really nervous, which is not typical of me, but you and your wife Jane, being so helpful and approachable made it much easier. Well, I should say everyone was just great and very helpful. I grew up in Michigan and my father always took my brothers hunting and bought them rifles but not us girls and I had never fired a gun before. Anyways, I do have some friends that also are interested in taking your class so I have passed along your info. I do have a few questions, and I am trying to get my house and my teenage girls prepared and more safe. My oldest 100 pound, 5'2" daughter thinks she can use her fists....I don't know where she gets that attitude from. I bought her pepper spray which I made her put in her car. One question that I have is with a safe, or where is it best to put valuables/money? Since you have experience with robberies, is a safe a good idea or is it best to have things hidden in books and cans? I keep reading that it is best to have things hidden in plain view instead of a safe. Do you have any thoughts on this? My house is not set up yet with alarms and the safe glass you were recommending in class so I'm a little worried about where to have things. Not that's its big amount but in case all falls apart I don't want to be left empty handed. Also, do you have any books that you would recommend for homeowner safety? Or will you be teaching any classes on that? Since it's just me and my two girls I want to make sure we are secure/safe.


Thanks for all your help, hope all is great.


Connie S.





    Lisa told me that you called yesterday. I just wanted to let you know that Saturday was a great experience for the two of us. The classroom time was very informative and interactive. It certainly has provided me a lot of food for thought. The range experience was excellent and we both felt that having time with each instructor was beneficial. We also felt that you controlled the environment very well making it a safe experience.


    We look forward to practicing what we learned and would like to advance our skills perhaps with some additional 1 on 1 training. I would also like to take the advanced class once I get my skills dialed in better.

I have already recommended your class to 2 other people. I look forward to seeing you soon.







July 13, 2008 


Dear Mr. Belson:

     Before I close out my day I would like to thank you for your great class today.  I have been to many classes and seminars throughout my career and most have you nodding off around one or two in the afternoon.  You kept us on track, focused and interested right to the last minute.

     Two interesting things happened this evening relating to firearms.  When I got home from class, as I was unloading my stuff out of the back of the car, my neighbor came over to say hi and see what I had been up to all day.  I had in my hands my .45 (in the case of course), my targets, papers and a box of cartridges.  I explained to him that I had been at a concealed weapons class all day.  He promptly told me "I don't believe in guns".  I asked him if that meant if he was being stabbed or his wife was being raped he would not want someone with a firearm to come to his aid.  He said "yes I sure would, but I don't believe in guns".  His response didn't make much sense to me at the time.

     Later in the evening as my wife and I were preparing for bed I went around and made sure all the doors were locked.  I also left a low light on in the living room.  My wife got very angry about this and asked why that light was on.  I explained to her that with the light on in the living room (even though it was dim) and no lights on in the bedroom it would make it possible for us to see an intruder and all but impossible for an intruder to see down the hall into the dark bedroom.  She became quite animated and yelling about me being paranoid ever since I bought my pistol and now I was afraid of burglars.  I calmly stated that I was not afraid of burglars but I wanted to be able to see someone if they were coming down the hall.  I asked her why the light upset her so much as it was quite low, did not light up the bedroom and  didn't bother her ability to sleep at all. She pushed the case for turning out the light for several minutes with great anger and energy and finally gave up and went to sleep.  The light stayed on.

      As I thought about these two seemingly unrelated incidents I came to the realization they were both founded on the same underlying principal.  FEAR.  If you say you don't "believe" in guns, or if you refuse to take even small steps (like leaving that light on) to help protect yourself then you never have to admit that something bad can happen to you. You will never have to face the fact that you and you alone are responsible for your own safety. 

     It's a scary world out there. Many people simply are not confident enough to face their fears.  They will cling to almost any argument, not matter how illogical, that can help them hold onto the belief that it can't happen to them. Or, if an emergency arises, someone else will come to save them.  

     Like my wife said, "We live in a nice neighborhood. We don't have crime here."


Thanks for the confidence!

Yours Truly,

Glenn D.



July 8, 2008


Dear Norm,

    We (wife and two daughters -- 10 & 12) would all like to thank you and Jane for a fantastic day at Knight Shooting Sports that exceeded all our expectations. Your class was absolutely fantastic and very entertaining while conveying  the safety message in a very strong way. In fact I do not believe it would have been possible to have felt any safer even if Disney had run the class (No Way!). The facility itself is excellent with very warm and welcoming staff. We are all looking forward to squeezing in another visit before our return to the UK and might even see you there. Rest assured I will be an excellent ambassador for both yourself and Knight Shooting Sports upon my return to the UK and advise all of my friends and colleagues to look you guys up if visiting central Florida. Thanks again for the Chai Tea.

Warmest regards,

Paul S.


June 26th, 2008


Greetings Norm and Jane, my “Knights” in Shining Armor!!


    I wanted to email you a newsletter update of sorts  although we always keep in touch. I thought this would benefit subscribers to your web site. Some of your former students in your January through April 2008 CWP classes may remember me as the guest speaker regarding my journey as a victim of domestic violence. I came in and spoke in your weekend classes, passing around authentic, recent, horrific crime scene photos and told my incredible yet factual story as sort of a “therapy” for myself to accept what is over, and will never occur again, but more importantly to educate the public about the court system.


    Do you remember when we met in January this year? Norm, I went onto your web site looking to gather information about 2nd Amendment rights and receive appropriate “civilian” training.  I also needed to find out if I was even going to give myself permission to protect myself should another “event” occur. Norm, I read so much about you that I came down to Knights and just sort of strolled around, browsing, watching the students on the range and the customers. I thought, “Well this is enough for one day, time to leave”. On my way out, you were coming through the entrance, and I don’t know why but I just knew this was Major Norm Belson. I asked if you were and when you said yes, remember I said, “I’ve been looking for you”. You instinctively asked me if I had a Domestic situation. It was as if our paths were meant to cross.


    After a discussion later, you and Jane visited my home for a security assessment. You both were outraged at the bloody, violent depictions in the photos of my own crime scene. You both appreciated that I was able to live to tell it and appalled  that it happened again and again. This is primarily due to this convicted scumbag felon’s liberal judges who advise that he hasn’t scored out high enough on his rap sheet (or rather committed a heinous enough crime) to be sent to prison. The 3-Strikes-Your-Out-Rule was only a campaign promise 'Dog and Pony' show. A scumbag can apparently commit 3 felonies and 11 misdemeanors on the same victim over and over and not serve more than 9 months on 49th Street but the victim gets to live a life looking over their shoulder. Seems to me the scumbags have more rights than their victims, but that’s just me.


    So after your sleepless night you connected me with the finest security staff to outfit my surroundings and me. The details are of course privileged information in case any scumbag wants to try me again. But do you remember how afraid I was? How I was reluctant to take your course? I knew that this scumbag had left me with no choice; actually, he made the choice for me, but then why give this idiot any credit? I came, I purchased a “tool for my toolbox” and enrolled in the course. You and your instructors so patiently showed me how to use it, how to clean it, how to carry it and how to let it do the job it should do if needed. But Norm and Jane, it was you who built my confidence and helped me restore my strength as a credible victim, witness, and private citizen. I diligently practice weekly and am ready to effectively protect myself in my private home as well as in public. I thank you for the confidence you have helped me regain Norm and Jane. What a blessing it is to have had you as my instructors and mentors, and now as my friends.   





June 18, 2008


Hi Major Norm and Jane,

    Thank you for the words of encouragement yesterday.  I attempted to reach you today, but I received no answer or voicemail.  So I thought I would drop you a line.    I completely enjoyed the class on Sunday.  I was a total nervous wreck in the morning due to fear.  I too surprised myself in how I felt after the one on one instructions.  The level of confidence that I felt when I was done with the whole day training was liberating.  I would never have gotten past the fear part without Jane's and your instructions and confidence in me. Once I get my permit and handgun, I am very interested, as is Barry, in taking a one on one instruction course.  
    We are also interested in getting an estimate for our windows as we discussed. Barry is going to be out of town next week and then I have company coming in from Maine the following week, so it may be a couple of weeks before I contact you to come out. I will be in Clearwater on Sunday, so I'll stop in and get my photo and certificate.
Take care and safe shooting,


Tarra K.


June 21, 2008


Dear, Major Belson:
    I would be remiss if I did not send this note to you.  Today I was on the range and for the first time, I was shooting lead rounds through my Glock model 36.  These were closeout rounds that I picked up at a really good price and was enjoying myself immensely when the magazine blew out the bottom. Believe it or not, when I took your CWP class, one of the many hard-learned tips you gave us was on how to hold a semi-auto and you specifically mentioned this situation. 
    I ended up with a numb index finger on my right hand (I still don't know what caused that), both of my hands were blackened and the magazine was scattered around in pieces.  BUT - because of my left-hand position, I didn't get my left hand blown off today.  I thought of you almost immediately and told my wife, "that's the way I was trained." So, in a nutshell, thank you for helping me to have a left hand tonight.
Other than that, I hope you and yours are doing great.
With much respect,

John G. 




Hello Norm. 

My mother and I thank you for an outstanding learning experience this past Saturday. 

Both of our careers find us in classes constantly throughout our lives with classes ranging from basic to post-grad levels classes, we have experienced a wide range of educators for many years. We found your class to be one of the best “brain-engaging” experiences that we seldom ever get attend. Your mix of hands-on and class-work was perfect and the time was sincerely well-spent. Secondly, my pen saturated a letter-box on my application. How do I go about obtaining a replacement?

Thanks again.  Ron S.





    That was an awesome women's class that you held on Sunday! I was equally impressed with this class as I was with my class earlier last month. I was thinking about life in general today and realized that in our lives there are a very small and select number of people that have impacts to the degree that we have a pivot point and it becomes something that we never forget -- you and your class are my pivot point.

    I was raised in nice middle class home, went into the military in the early '60's worked in corporate life and basically led a very normal American dream life. I often read in the local papers about home invasions, robberies and murders with some level of dispassionate interest. After taking your course and hearing the story of your student that was terribly abused and realizing that all of us are only a heart beat away from some type of major incident, you and your class have become a major impact & pivot point for both Linda and myself. Linda may have been like Jane was before Richard's murder -- carry a weapon if you want to do so but after realizing how close we are all to that decision point of shoot or be shot, Linda is now an advocate of personal responsibility, protection and survival.

    Just as soon as I receive my CWP, I intend to carry at all times. I think I told you I have a shop full of expensive tools and I have had three 'incidents' with 'scumbags' entering my shop area with what I think was an intent to steal something, Carrying a concealed firearm is now a major factor for both of us. We are going to add two more guns to the list; a 9MM S&W M&P Compact for Linda and a 9MM Sig 228 as a back up gun for my .40 caliber Sig 229.

    I think I was reading between the lines with some of your statements about your female student that was so continually abused (name omitted) that you are going to be 'proactive' in her future incidents with this scumbag. I was so taken by her story that I would like to offer to pay for some private lessons for her with you. If that will help her survive then I can rest better at night. Actually if you can get her to speak at all your women's classes it would be OUTSTANDING!

    Please let me know what I can do. I also I want to restate my offer to attend your women's (or others) CWP classes to help with being the shooting dummy, firearm demo person and range assistant to help load magazines, etc. I don't have the skill set to be a range instructor, nor do I really want to, but I am willing to help where I can simply as a volunteer. That is how much I believe in your cause and your passion for our individual survival.

    Thanks for all that you do for the community and those of us that now and in the future are prepared to protect our selves and our families.


Jim S.






With nearly 20 years of military/civilian and private security experience, I didn't think I could walk away from a firearms class knowing any more than I thought I already knew. I took the class simply to expedite the approval of my Florida CWP application. Well, was I wrong! Although I go to the range regularly, and consider myself to be an accurate shooter, I must admit that I never shoot in self-defense/combat mode. Odd, considering the fact that I know most encounters take place at 7 feet or less. Shame on me. From now on I will definitely change my shooting habits at the range. In addition to the fact that your live-fire course pointed out some potentially fatal mistakes I was making, and will probably save my life should I ever be confronted by an armed attacker, your classroom instruction will go a long way towards keeping me out of jail if I ever do fire my weapon in self-defense. Your course was time and money well-invested. Thank you!


Len D.



I wanted to thank Major Norm Belson and his lovely wife Jane for an outstanding and enlightening CWP class. I have attended a 6-hour class previously at a different company, yet felt unprepared to responsibly, safely and effectively carry a personal defense firearm. While the basic fundamentals of the various gun parts were discussed and range time was spent shooting stationary targets, I didn't feel the class at the other facility satisfied my needs for personal safety and responsible self-defense training. Norm's class offered classroom training on the many legal aspects of concealed weapon ownership, common sense approaches on dealing with potential life-threatening situations, avoidance of being caught in deadly situations (ask him about the "cockroach" theory), and debunked several myths about carrying a personal firearm for personal protection.

Tactically, range time was not spent punching holes in stationary bulls-eye targets, but geared more towards real life scenarios; situations that a person would most likely face in a life-or-death situation. 200 (unbelievably, 199 more rounds then required to apply for a concealed permit in Florida) were fired based on situations you may encounter with folks Norm likes to refer as "scumbags." A "scumbag" is a person who feels that you and your family's life is of no value if you or yours stand in the way of their criminal intentions. Seldom does said "scumbag" stand rigidly at a prescribed distance waiting for you to protect yourself — the bad guy adorned with a T-shirt with bulls-eye rings to assist you in shot placement. Norm and Jane prepare you to responsibly react with the force necessary to stop the threat of deadly force in multiple situations and even situations involving multiple attackers. They train the shooter to engage the target with emphasis on firearm retention, while respecting firearm safety and abiding by the laws on the books, in which they are very well versed. their class is  highly recommended for anyone, male or female, who wants to become a responsible, law-abiding concealed weapons carrier. 


Brad N.




Major Belson,

I wanted to send you a note while it was fresh and because a simple handshake with an acknowledgment of satisfaction and appreciation does not convey a detailed picture.  I am new to using handguns and I am soon to be an owner of my first.  I took the class today at the encouragement of friends along with curiosity and concern for the changing environment that e live in.  As I recently spent time shopping this past week I heard unfriendly comments from other firearms shops about the CWP class at Knights, which tactfully they didn't mention names but seemed to always point to Knights.  So I was apprehensive to say the least being new and not knowing what I was getting into. However, I have to say after the experience thank you, thank you, thank you. 


1.  The personal touch from your confirming phone call, the one on one range coaching, and your personal experience were excellent and boosted my confidence in safety and provided a foundation that I plan on growing with.

 2. The balance your wife brought to the class was an extreme benefit.

3.  Her instruction on the forms was awesome.

4.  Your reference and experience in our changing environment hit the mark we need to be aware and prepared.

5.  Your forward discussion on the potential legal consequences provided a prudent and reasonable framework that needs to be considered before using force versus defusing and avoidance options.

All that to say your class was great, created a positive foundation, raised appropriate questions for thought, and provided a good picture of what some of us don't see or pay attention to.
I am sure that we will cross paths again and I will be recommending you.

Thank you.

Scott H.




Norm and Jane,

It was truly a pleasure spending the day with you both.  Your class, professionalism, patience and one-on-one encouragement was a blessing.  I am so glad I didn't quit. 

Norm, I would like to hone my limited skills.  May I ask that you tutor me a couple of times?  Please let me know how we could schedule that.  I work M-F, but do not go into work until 10:00 M-W-F.  T-TH I am off at 4 and can meet with you by 4:30.  You'll let me know what works best for you.

I will pick-up my photos on Tuesday and will most likely purchase a firearm while there.  Perhaps we could get started next week.  ONLY IF YOU SHOULDER IS BETTER.  I am sure your doc will recommend an MRI.  Immobility is the only answer for the moment.  Try not to use your right arm until then.  If you put it in a sling you will be less apt to use it. 

Anyway, please respond when you can.  I am looking forward to the next step.

Thank you Norm and thank you Jane for a superb, informative, well-run day.

Debby W.




Major Norm Belson --


Thank You! I enjoyed your class on 8/22/07. Your attention to detail and instruction you provided while on and off the range at Knight Shooting Sports was excellent. I have spoken to several individuals who have indeed gone to "gun shows" and not even fired a single round of ammo. Through your excellent instruction and that of the staff at the range, I feel that I am at a great start to protecting myself and my family. I found your instruction so thorough during my "Concealed Weapons Permit" class that I would like to send you my Fiancée' for personal training. I feel with your humor and knowledge that she will be comfortable in your hands. Please contact me to arrange for a time to complete this training. Thanks again and I will see you soon on the range! 


Matt W.




August 16, 2007


Major Norm:

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed your Concealed Weapon Permit course.  You masterfully made the class very interesting and interactive by interjecting real world examples and allowing questions which sparked thought provoking discussions.  During the live fire exercise - I must admit I was a little nervous at first, in that, my wife had never fired a gun in her life.  To my relief - you and your staff quickly put those fears to rest by the professionalism shown and safe direct supervision provided on the firing range.  Your wife Jane did a great job going over the CWP paperwork.  We will highly recommend your course to friends and family.

Taking into account your background of being a retired military officer with combat experience and a retired police officer - I would have to say that you are one the most qualified individuals in the nation to teach this class.  You definitely need to write a book on self defense!

Brent & Allyson


May 1, 2007


Before too much time got away, I wanted to thank you for the excellent Advanced Tactical Training session we had last Tuesday.  After my legs recovered from the work, I was reminded of the seriousness with which personal protection must be taken and how necessary it is to practice the thought processes and movements it requires until they are engrained as habits, if not reflexes.  It's almost as if your memory will react with its training while your emotions are scrambling to catch up with the actual events unfolding in front of you.  Your body is reacting while your mind is watching a really bad movie.  Practice, practice, practice as though life depends on it - because it does. 


I now believe that the shock of having one or more bad guys rushing at me, a loved one or an innocent to commit potentially life-threatening harm can only be overcome by well rehearsed responses and an unfailing understanding of the law.  What now seems important is to continually review the actual sequence of events that must transpire before I either draw a concealed weapon away from home or use one at home.  I've read Jon Gutmacher's book once already but will re-read it again as a result of our session. 


The course is going to be a life saver, if necessary though I hope it never comes to that.  I can't thank you enough for your patience & thoroughness in instruction.  I'm also a believer that the one-on-one session is the way to go.  You're the best! 


My regards to Jane, until we meet again...


Eugene G.


February 19, 2007


Major -

Sorry I missed your call yesterday.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class on Saturday & believe that I am much better oriented to the safe handling of my new pistol.  I have complete confidence in you, your instructors & the information that you provided us; it was thoughtfully assembled & effectively delivered! 


I am soooo glad that I waited to take the class before I began practicing with my new SA XD40 SC.  I can't begin to imagine the bad habits I would most likely have developed had I begun on my own.  I now have a proven set of patterns that I can practice when handling & carrying my pistol that will both insure my safety & that of those around me.  Your admonitions regarding the impact of law enforcement, prosecution, & civil litigation on the use of our weapon, no matter how justified, was indeed sobering.  I'm appreciative of your repetition of that simple, but life changing reality.  Just as long as we don't have to dodge the first shot in our direction to justify drawing our weapon in our own defense.  I'm not nearly as agile as I was just yesterday!  Nevertheless, my perfect practice will make for perfect execution.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I also was very excited to receive your invitation to take the Tactical Course & I accept!  Since I'm actively involved in my church's choral ministry on Sunday mornings, I'll have to wait until you Tactical Course is offered on a Saturday.  If I read your calendar correctly, that would be on April 14th.  I'll be aiming for that date unless I misread the schedule & it's offered on a Saturday before then.


I forgot to ask you how I to get a "student" discount card for Knight Shooting Sports.  Let me know when you get a chance.  Also, I share a house with my elderly mother who had wrought iron gates installed on every door & window as well as an alarm system wired on all doors & windows before I arrived in 2004.  We don't have Mylar on any of the glass in the house, so I'd have to talk to her to see if she'd be receptive to an estimate regarding its installation.  I'll let you know as soon as I do. 


Again, thanks for a great class; I look forward to practicing what I've learned thus far & continuing to get additional training in the weeks, months & years ahead.  It really is a lifetime commitment...


Gene G.




Major Norm Belson’s defensive shooting class saved my life!


My life was continued and not ended due to Major Norm Belson’s Concealed Weapon Permit class I attended at Knight Shooting Sports. It was Thursday, January 4, 2007, a week before my 44th birthday, that my son woke me and said that his bike was being stolen. I went outside and saw two teenage girls walking my son’s bike down the street. I yelled out “What the Hell are you doing?”  They stopped. I then tried to speak with the girl’s mother but she wasn’t interested so I called the police. After the police arrived, I learned that two other kids had also been throwing rocks at my son’s bike. The police tried to speak with the two girls but they resisted violently and had to be handcuffed and put in their cruiser. Before the police left, the girl’s older brother threatened me with death and used racially derogatory terms. The officers advised that I had better protect myself and noted the threat in their report. About five minutes after the police left, a Dodge Ram pickup truck with three men in the front seat came racing around the corner firing multiple rounds at me as I stood in the open in my driveway without any protection from their shots. I immediately assumed a side stance to reduce my exposure and fired three rounds from my Glock .45 into the cab. They then sped away without firing again. The police advised me the next day that the stolen truck had been recovered. There was blood in the front seat but the driver and occupants have not been found and did not seek medical attention. I totally believe that if I did not stand my ground, reduce my profile and return fire as instructed by Major Belson, I would be dead!


Paul C.


Note: I have trained over 5,000 students. This is the first incident involving a client’s use of deadly force to survive a Forcible Felony. It is gratifying to realize that the effort exerted in the training regimen has definitive value in real life encounters. In my opinion, Paul had no choice except to stand his ground and defend him self. He was a good student and recognized the principles in class to include the fact that an untrained shooter is more likely to shoot you if moving due to the natural attraction of the human eye to that movement. Incidentally, due to the nature of the unprovoked attack combined with a neighbor who witnessed the event as well as the threat uttered in the presence of the officers, Paul’s actions have not resulted in criminal charges and I really don’t believe that the Scumbags will be initiating any civil litigation. That means I won’t have to shred his paperwork and disavow all knowledge of his existence! Please – remember my philosophy that it is always easier to avoid it than to extricate yourself from it!


June 28, 2006




I wanted to take a moment to say "Thank You" for a great class! You covered more information than I could have ever imagined. Seth (11 years old) was so excited on the way home talking about what he had learned in the class room and how well he thought he had done in the shooting range. I was thrilled to see how he had handled himself in your class room and in the range. I plan on talking to my other two kids about taking your class this summer. I learned that even if the kids do not want to shoot guns every week that what they learn in your class room is a lifetime safety lesson!


Seth & I will see you soon at the range!


Tim K.


June 15, 2006


Dear Norm and Jane,

    Just wanted to send a quick note for a very sincere "Thank you". As you are aware I had already completed a basic handgun safety course at a facility in Tampa for which I did receive my CWP. However, I felt the course was seriously lacking in content and quality of instruction. As a result I decided to take your course after picking up the flyer at Knight Shooting Sports (also a class facility if I may say so) and reading your credentials and course content. I have to state that your course was "leaps and bounds" far superior to the other course I completed! You have a great teaching style that comes from obvious years of experience and I enjoyed your humor thrown in to keep things interesting. Jane was great on the range for instruction as well - the two of you make a great team. Needless to say I would recommend this course to anyone interested in firearm safety.

     Norm, I was honored that you offered me an invite to return to your Tactical Class and you will definitely be seeing me next month!!



Bob O.


June 15, 2006

Dear Norm and Jane,

    Just wanted to send a quick note for a very sincere "Thank you". As you are aware I had already completed a basic handgun safety course at a facility in Tampa for which I did receive my CWP. However, I felt the course was seriously lacking in content and quality of instruction. As a result I decided to take your course after picking up the flyer at Knight Shooting Sports (also a class facility if I may say so) and reading your credentials and course content. I have to state that your course was "leaps and bounds" far superior to the other course I completed! You have a great teaching style that comes from obvious years of experience and I enjoyed your humor thrown in to keep things interesting. Jane was great on the range for instruction as well - the two of you make a great team. Needless to say I would recommend this course to anyone interested in firearm safety.

     Norm, I was honored that you offered me an invite to return to your Tactical Class and you will definitely be seeing me next month!!



Bob O.


June 8, 2006 

Good evening,

I am writing to tell you about my experience with the group that installed the Mylar window protection. I have to say that they are/were very professional, friendly, neat and clean. They arrived on time and were very respectful of our home. I would highly recommend this group of young men to anyone.

Thank you again for your assistance in protecting our family and home.


Karen H.


June 7, 2006


Good morning Sir.
I would like to thank you for the outstanding class you taught yesterday. Entering the class as a novice shooter, I came away with greatly improved shooting skills and a greater respect for firearms. I was absolutely amazed to see how much I improved as the class progressed, as well as our classmates. The class was educational, exciting , fun, and an absolute must for any skill level of shooter. You will definitely see Tom, Paul, and I again. Thank you again Sir.  I  am looking forward to our next class. Sincerely,

Frank H.

June 6, 2006



I wanted to take the time to write to you today and express the appreciation my wife, Angelica, and I had for your CWP training class we attended this
weekend.  Every aspect of the class was top-notch and your straight to the point teaching style was perfect for the subject matter.  >From the shooting
range to the classroom, you adapted your teaching technique to each individual student, yet we all came out with the same knowledge. That is truly a sign of someone who is passionate about what they teach and cares about his students. We both feel that your instruction has already changed our lives for the
better and we look forward to continuing our training with you in the near-future.

Many thanks to you and Jane,

Dave and Angelica S.


Dear Major Belson:

I am writing this to let you know how much I enjoyed your recent CWP class.  For many years I served as a volunteer Certified Instructor and Range Officer for the State of Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Conservation Education and Firearms Safety.  In that position I taught, team-taught, and attended many seminars and training sessions that covered many of the areas that you covered in your CWP class.  I thought that your class was absolutely great.  Your first-rate teaching, thorough knowledge of the subject, and sensitivity for the diversity of your students all made for an extremely worthwhile day.


John T.



Dear Norm,

Just a letter to say many thanks for the great experience I had at your class yesterday. I am very pleased I enrolled in your class. Many people claim to be good teachers -- only a few are truly great. I feel you did a great job covering the skills needed to handle and defer an armed conflict. I was trained in handling firearms prior to attending your class so I felt there would be very little you would be able to teach me that I already did not know. Boy, was I wrong. I will be telling everybody I know or will listen to me, to attend your class if they own or intend to own a firearm..

Thanks again for all your help and training,


Larry P.


April 5, 2006


Dear Major Belson:


The purpose of my letter is to give you a commendation for your outstanding job in training and teaching Concealed Weapon Permit Classes.


I am a businessman, who runs several companies, as well as a 26 year veteran of martial arts, who also instructs. I train black belts in different types of martial arts. This is why, not only from a business point of view but also as an instructor myself, I was impressed with your April 1, 2006 class, which I had the pleasure and honor to attend.


Your high ability in the practical and theoretical teaching is matched with your enthusiasm and skill level. Most impressively was your ability to keep your audience's attention and that with an ease and purpose that brought your students total duplication of your lessons. I'm sure all of your students have gotten 100% results.


I hope you will continue to instruct for many more years, for it is seldom that one finds an instructor of your caliber. 

I look forward to enjoying the next level of instruction from you.


Your kindly,  


Werner L.





Dear Norm and Jane-

I just want to thank you both for the great time I had in your class on Saturday.  You two are the best!  Your instruction was invaluable and was presented in a very informative, supportive, and concise manner.  Anyone can possess the knowledge you have, but it takes a talented instructor to deliver it the way you both do.


I especially appreciated Jane's little tips to me on the range.  Because of the arthritis I have in both hands, I was having some difficulty in loading the magazines after about 100 rounds.  She sympathized and showed me how to use the auto-loader.  I was still having a little trouble mastering it because my hands hurt so, but she was very patient.  I also will have to spend a lot of time handling the weapon and working on the best technique for me to change magazines to compensate for my left-handed handicap!  I'll certainly master it with practice, practice, practice.


I fully intend to take your advice and purchase an autoloader.  I especially liked the feel of Jane's Kahr E9.  Per her suggestion, I plan to rent one and try it out on the range.  After your class, I realize I need a different weapon.  Which leads me to my next question.  I know nothing about buying, selling, trading a weapon.  I will purchase my next weapon at Knight's.  Do they accept trade-ins?  The Taurus I own is brand new, but I don't want it.  What do you suggest I do with it? What paperwork do I need?  I certainly respect your opinion and advice.


Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you both again.  As I said, once I get ready to move back to Gainesville, I'll talk to you about the alarm system.


Marcia S,




Dear Major Belson,


Just a note to thank you very much for yesterday's class.  I was truly impressed by you and your real life approach to this subject. 


On a personal note, I spoke with my father last night and relayed your message thanking him for his service.  He was sincerely grateful for your message and asked that I also relay his gratitude to you for your service.  I also mentioned to my father your friend who served in the 89th infantry.  My father told me that the Rhine crossing involved the 353rd, 354th and 355th regiments.  My father was serving in the 354th; they crossed the Rhine at about 0200.  It's not vital but my father is curious as to your friend's name and in which regiment he served.


If you click on the link below and look at the first three sentences of the second paragraph, you can read a little something about my father.  He's a bit reticent about this but I'm his son and I claim bragging rights.  He was awarded a bronze start for this act:  (Omitted)


Thank-you again for the training, for your service to our country and for your ongoing mission to help honest and good people defend themselves against the scumbags.


Very Sincerely,

John "G"




Hello Norm and Jane,


I just want to say thank you for your time on Saturday. You two are awesome. I learned so much and I am so happy to have made the decision to go to your course. I want to send my blessings out to you two and your family.  I hope you have a very merry christmas and a happy new year!!!! Thanks again for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






 Thanks for the training yesterday. Not only was the education and training effective and invaluable but you made the day a lot of fun. I look forward to continuing my training and benefiting from your extensive experience and expertise. With that in mind, I’d like to sign up for the Tactical class on January 8. I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a very happy, and safe, New Year.  

Best regards, 

Ed F.




Dear (Local) Shooting Club Friends and Dan M:


Several years ago I received my CWP from Knight Shooting Sports in Clearwater.  My treasured instructor was Major Norm Belson.  His credentials are outstanding and his enthusiasm for educating folks in self-defense and carrying a weapon are endless.  Every month he sends a newsletter out with good information.  If you would like to be on his mailing list, click on his name here and drop him a note.  He will be delighted to comply.  This particular newsletter from him is loaded with good information and even a little test near the end on correct procedure in the use of self-defense situations. He also provided an update on New Mexico's reciprocal law.  I thought you would find this interesting and am forwarding it along as I realize many of us have concealed carry permits.

Jean F.



I was anxious about using a gun. I had never touched one, much less used one. Norm’s sense of humor, calm perspective and straight forward teaching technique put me at ease. He made everything much more laid back so I didn’t have to be afraid of the gun. After all its just a gun, and if you know how to use it correctly it can save your life or the lives of your children. And that knowledge to me is priceless.

Melissa G.



Norm & Jane, I cant tell you how much I enjoyed attending you CWP class yesterday!   Anyone who would choose to attend a quickie “One Shot” class in lieu of your course is making an enormous mistake!   The lessons you teach in basic safety and shooting technique are invaluable to anyone who is serious about carrying a firearm for self defense.   Additionally, the information you provide in regard to Florida state law, firearm and ammunition selection, as well as you own perspective as a former Police Officer adds and element of comprehensiveness that could never be matched.   I will be spending the next few weeks at the range practicing the techniques I’ve learned in your class and preparing for attending your Tactical Defense Classes.   Thank you both so much!  Regards, Jim D.


Dear Norm and Jane:  Thanks for a great course that was over and above what I expected.  You not only covered what I thought was excellent gun safety for a novice, you added your police experience in as well.   I thank you for taking the time with me and my son on the pistol range and I apologize for the  slow down with my revolver's.   I did not ever imagine the S&W that I had, which had never been fired, would give us problems.   The Charter Arms was a hand me down from my Father in Law and he had used that gun.   We will be back to rent a different pistol and  continue to practice.  Again, I thank you and would like to take another of your courses if you could advise me of what to take.   I have another son who will be contacting you for  your basic course.  Also, if you could share with me that name of the gunsmith to check out my pistols.   Thanks again.
Ralph D


July 20, 2005

Hi Norm,
     Thank you so much for responding to my e-mail.  I am waiting for my permit to come through.  Should be any day now.  I realize that, because of what I learned in your class, I will probably never have to even use a gun in defense of myself...but...just in case I do I want to be able to have something on my hip or in my house that will do the job. I will call you when the permit comes through and set up a time.  Thank you so much Norm!     Jon

p.s. HI to Jane.  She was such a cool teacher 'cause' she smiled so much and along with the fact that she is so professional.   You guys are both really great for teaching the SAFETY of gun handling.  I am passing the word of how good you both are.  In this day and time I realize how important this is.  By the way I did get your last news letter.  So your AOL bulk mail is working.


April 28, 2005

Women's Shooting Sports?  by Patrick J.

If you have traveled on US 19 through Clearwater, you have undoubtedly noticed the unique and strangely beautiful building that is Knight Shooting Sports.  Many pass by the fortress-like building only wondering what secrets might lie inside.  Only those who dare cross that threshold can speak of the wonders within. Opening its doors in early 2002, Knight Shooting Sports has brought a state-of-the-art firearms facility to the Tampa Bay Area.  Once inside the building, you are greeted in an open-airy and (to some) surprisingly clean environment.  The shop up front contains basically everything you could need related to shooting and even some things you don't but just have to have.  The shop caters to not only the expert and seasoned gunner but also the novice, beginner and even women?  Yes, women are often seen shopping in the store (although it's not clear if they are there of their own volition or if they have been put up to it by some gun-crazed man in their life).  They are frequently seen on the firing line and especially involved in one of the many classes put on by Major Norm Belson. Not to be outdone by the appeal of the front shop, the range also boasts a comfortable and safe atmosphere.  The safety starts in the air that you breathe.  The lead from flying projectiles and dusts from spent primer and powder dull the ambient air.  The owner, Ed Martenfeld, said he was especially concerned to have a Triple HEPA filtration system to protect not only his customers, but also his range officers who often spend hours at a time in that enclosed environment. Upon entering the shooting area you find an eight-lane 25-yard pistol range, a seven-lane 50-yard rifle range, and an automated, computer-controlled target system.  What you do not see is the unique backstop that was co-designed by Ed that has the ability to squelch the power of even the car-stopping .50 caliber rounds used extensively by our military.  To say this facility is the safest place to shoot in the Tampa Bay area is an understatement.
When we sat down to talk with Ed and his wife, Becky, we found out why this facility appealed to such a broad spectrum of people including women.  Ed said second only to the safety measures taken at Knight Shooting Sports were his desire to provide a clean attractive facility (including restrooms) so women also felt welcome in a space traditionally reserved for men.  He added that they also wanted to provide a police substation for the local law enforcement, especially the women in blue.  You see, most do not stop to think of how difficult it is especially for a female officer to find a place of respite.  Problem solved, at least in Clearwater.
       Surprisingly, adults aren't the only patrons to Knights. Young adults and children as young as 6 have been seen blasting targets.  Becky says if a person [of any age] is responsible and permitted with proper supervision; why not let them enjoy the shooting sports.  It makes sense to train kids right from an early age about safe handling of weapons so as they get older they can appreciate and pass on their safe handling.  Ed cautions, even if you do not leave firearms accessible in your home, how do you know someone else does the same?  We need our children safe, and the best protection is to teach them to handle themselves safely in our absence. Of course there are no guarantees. Look at all the time we put into training to drive a vehicle comparatively; they have less inherent fear associated than a gun does yet, they continue to be involved in far more deaths than firearms in this country.  But because of negative publicity, firearms are scrutinized far more intensely than other industries.  And at the end of the day we are interested in maintaining life, not taking it.  So we train ourselves and our kids.
       To put my money where my mouth is I enrolled myself and teenaged daughter in one of the concealed weapons permit (CWP) classes taught at Knight Shooting Sports by Major Norm Belson and his wife Jane.  Both of us had previous shooting experience but 200 rounds later we each left the class with a better appreciation and knowledge of the safe use and handling of a firearm.  I have taken other similarly named courses, but they pale in comparison to the Belson battery of tests.  They work well comfortably introducing people who have never even touched a gun before, including a large number of women, into the shooting arena for both, sport and self defense.  Major Norm and Jane love what they do, it shows, so they do it better than anyone else around.  So ladies, women, girls don't be intimidated.  As Major Norm or Jane will tell you, more often than not the women in their classes outshine the macho guys trying to be "Dirty" Harry Callahan.  Get out to Knight Shooting Sports, say hi to Ed and Becky, take a class with Norm and Jane, show up the guys, and have fun doing it. … my daughter did, so can you!

Gratefully reprinted with permission of the Publisher, WN newspapers for women, inc.


Thanks for the e-mail, updates as well as the great sense of humor you incorporate into the newsletter.   I also wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did on the CWP class I took with you and your attention to my shooting posture and technique, it did and will make a difference.   I look forward to my future interaction with both yourself and Knight's.....
Take care and keep up the good work.
Dan W 


Top notch experience...Tony (Glass Protection Services) and his men are very professional. Wish all the work done around our house was done with the same work ethic and attention to detail... Can't say enough positive. Film looks great. Melanie and I feel much more secure...let the winds blow !!  Added benefit is privacy film affords... Would highly recommend to anyone. and have! All the best to you and Jane...
Dave C.

October 18, 2004

I took your self defense/CWP class yesterday (Oct 17th, 2004) and I had a blast! Though I've owned my pistol for over a year and have put about 1500 rds through it prior to the class, I had never had a proper chance to do any rapid fire with it. Your step by step drills on the range where very helpful in getting me confident enough to know I could use it in the proper way to stop a "scumbag" if needed. The distances we worked at are great for home invasion/walk up to me on the street type scenarios. The student to instructor ratio was great for hand holding for those who needed it. I see now how you have kept a perfect safety record for your classes without coming across as an overbearing Drill Sergeant. The class room portions where also very fun, helpful and informative. I really appreciated the information on the different ballistic properties of the many different types of ammunition available for self defense. Your assistance in getting the proper paperwork filled out for submitting the CWP forms to the state was invaluable. I'll recommend your class to anyone considering such a self defense/CWP class. I'm also ready to sign up for the Tactical Handgun Class unless you feel I need more practice or another class prior to taking that one. You may, and have my permission, to use the above on your testimonials page of your website if you wish, and may edit it for content if you feel it's needed. I also have some more information regarding electronic fingerprinting from the Pinellas County Sheriff's office that you may want to offer to your
students. The direct phone # to hear this recorded information is 727-464-6032:
Hours: Tuesday through Thursday 8:00am-4:30pm (except Holidays)
Location: Technical Services Building located at 4801 145th Ave North in
Clearwater (located off of 49th St. N. between Ulmerton Rd and Roosevelt
Blvd across the street from the new criminal courts complex)
There is no charge and no appointment necessary (lunch times are the busiest) and you are required to bring the blank fingerprint card with you. (as you stated in your class). Once again I'd like to thank you and Jane for an enjoyable and informative time.

Don B.
Soon to be CWP carrier with a Glock 19 :-)
October 18, 2004

Dear Norm:
I knew before I attended your CWP training on 10/17/04 that I would come away with a wealth of knowledge and confidence.   Yesterday you and Jane confirmed that. The course content peaked my interest and I will certainly recommend it to others seeking a CWP. If I may critique for a second, I would have preferred more of the "situation" encounters" dialogue because those stuck with me more than anything, and I think the others in the class would concur. When I get around to it, I will consult you again on a handgun selection. I like your recommendation for the CZ compact that Jane has. Again, thanks for a job well done and tell Jane the same.

Bob P.


The  concealed carry course I took on Sept 11th  with you was outstanding. You ran a very professional class that was very informative on the legal side. The shoot was one of the most enjoyable and relaxed I have ever attended. I have been through Navy Boot, Merchant Marine weapons training and Marine Corp small arms qualifications. The atmosphere is always so high tension that few people walk away thinking they can shoot at all -- very counter productive!
Of course the hot blonde already had a boyfriend -- us sailors never catch a break!

Kurt M.
Commander, USNR


Nanci and Mike

My husband, Mike, and I took your class last Sunday (08/29) and we wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed it. Mike has been around guns all his life and has had his CWP for years but he was nice enough to take the class with me. After firing a gun for the first time just a week before your class, I was very interested in everything you talked about and your “war stories”. I truly appreciated your help on the range, as well as Jane’s. I will remember to use less trigger finger when shooting so I don’t hit the release for the clip. I have always been afraid of guns, mostly because I never knew anything about them, and what I did know of them was learned from watching the news. It was Mike’s sincere thought that I should go to the range with him and try it once – no pressure. If I didn’t like it, that would be the end of it. Needless to say, I enjoyed it. I'm so glad he took me and I’ve found that I’m very interested in learning more and having some experience with a pistol. I hope that I am never in a position that I need to use it outside of the range, but I feel better knowing how to use it if needed. Again, thank you and your wife for the time you took with us on Sunday – you are truly a pleasure to listen to. I look forward to learning more and spending quality time at the range with Mike. You’ll see me at the next LOK meeting and I’ve asked Mike to join me, we’ll make it a date night. =)


August 17, 2004
Dan F.

Hi Norm -- guilty as charged with the procrastination and on something as important as this (Mylar window film) there simply is no excuse. I can't even find the right words to express our gratitude to you and Tony (Tony Davis of Glass Protection Services) and his crew for everything they did for Pat and I.   When you find yourself in a very bad situation due to your own stupidity and someone goes out of their way to correct your mistake. Thank You just doesn't quite do it.
But I can serve as an example of what not to do and tell everybody. Do not put these things off!!!!  I know God protects fools and idiots and He's been working overtime on me. But don't forget, sometimes even God runs out of patience!

August 18, 2004
Terry P.
Major -  
Just a quick note of thanks for your suggestion about talking with Tony Davis at Glass Protection Services. I had Tony come over to the house a few months ago and work me up a quote on securing the windows in my house against intruders and storm damage with his product (Mylar). I have to admit that it wasn't cheap, but after mulling over it for a few weeks we gave Tony the go-ahead in early July to begin the work.
Apart from the dramatic impact on reducing glare and lowering my electric bill, you can only imagine how confident I felt when Hurricane Charley was barreling right down on Tampa Bay last weekend. Even my wife thought I did a good thing in getting the windows protected!
The installation was exactly as smooth as was promised, and with the quality of his work it's no wonder that his reference list of satisfied clients is so impressive. He can add my name to it. I can't imagine anyone living in the Tampa Bay area with the significant investment that their homes are not finding a way to protect their assets as well as their families by using a product like this. And the discount I received by being one of your students didn't hurt either <grin>.
Thanks again for the tip -- it's paid off already in terms of both energy savings and piece of mind. Feel free to share this with your other students and friends -it's just too important not to at least consider taking action!

Kerryanne T.

Hello Jane and Major Belson -
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you both for a great experience at Knight's last Sunday.   I am so glad that Bryan  recommended your class.  Your personal approach to teaching about topics as serious as safety and proper weapon handling made the day very enjoyable as well as informative. I learned so much in the short time we were together. You make a wonderful team and I look forward to seeing you both again at Knight's as I continue to learn and hone my skills. 


Jean F.

Hi Major Norm: Thank you for replying to my message so quickly and with so much thought.  It's nice to stay in touch.   
Today I went to a gun shop and bought the 642 so it's a moot point now.  I must tell you that when I loaded it for the first time and put it in my fanny pack to go to the park to hike today alone, it was a very strange feeling.  I had a lot of thoughts going through my head about the responsibility of having it, just having it in my car with me loaded was strange. I wondered if I was totally and honestly prepared for the right I have been granted by being a citizen of these great United States, and did some very deep thinking about all the things you had taught while I was in your class back in September.  I am very confident that I understand the law and understand the steps I need to take to avoid ever having to use it unless my life is threatened and I can't get away, as a means of self defense.  I am so happy that I attended your class.  The choice back then was to spend $30.00 with some guy in Crystal River; $75.00 at B J's or a higher price with you and get something I could leave with that would be valuable to me for the rest of my life.  Your background and experience is what sold me.   While I have been waiting for my clearance, I have gone over, again-and-again, the things you discussed and taught that day, your mannerism in presenting the material and how thorough you were.  Thank you very much.  Also, including the book (Florida Firearms - Law, Use & Ownership) as a portion of class material was a good thought on your part and has been very helpful.  Keep the newsletters coming too with the case scenarios.  I know it's a lot of work for you but it's so important and valuable to us out here.  See you at the range sometime.  I recall that you said I could go there and participate in the range portion of your classes anytime I wish and I do want to do that.  I'm really anxious now to shoot my new weapon and become familiar with it.  How can I find out your schedule when you'll be there to teach?  By the way, what is "handgun bingo"?  Sounds interesting but I can't imagine what it is.  Would love to know.

Jean F.

Hi Major Belson:  
I had an interesting experience one day last week.  While shopping in Walmart, I was in the sheets and towels row looking for a dust ruffle for our guest room. I was the only one in that row and pillows were piled in stacks high above my head.  I glanced up to see a very good looking, young guy about 18-20 coming toward me.  My first thought was "that somehow looks out of   didn't have a shopping cart and wasn't with anyone.  As I looked directly at him, he quickly looked down to the floor and turned around and left the aisle.  I continued to search for the specific color I wanted and something caught my eye from the other end of the aisle.  He was there and tiptoeing toward me very carefully.  I looked directly at him again and he didn't stop - he was piercing me with a very intent look.  I almost knew he was going to snatch my purse, which I had looped over my shoulder, and of course, which contains my loaded . 38.  So, with that strong red flag that came to my mind, I immediately took my shopping cart and went into the middle of the store where there were a lot of people.  I wasn't afraid and was very much in control of my thoughts.  There was no event at all. 
Later I went back to that row to find what I had originally wanted to buy and he was gone.  Aware of my surroundings and environment?   You bet!   Getting out of the potential situation?   YES!    Thank you once again for your great teaching.  I learned a lot the day I spent with you.  Yes, by all means, please feel free to use whatever you wish as a public testimonial on your web page.  I trust fully that you will edit it the way that is best.  That is quite a compliment.  I hope it is helpful to others in some small way, and delighted that it can be helpful to you as you move forward with this important work.  We need to keep our rights as American citizens. 

From Chris T.

I have enjoyed the self-defense and the tactical shooting courses immensely! The attention to detail and safety of your instruction is superb; a good training session with firearms is when every one goes home and your diligence in the area of safety ensures that everyone goes home. Your experience and expertise in the use of firearms and the laws concerning their use for self-defense purposes is second to none!!!  Your training provides the student with the skills and confidence necessary to win the fight, should one arise. I have and will continue to recommend you as an instructor for anyone who has a firearm, or is thinking about getting a firearm and/or CWP. A special thank you to Jane for allowing you to do what you do and to Knight Shooting Sports for a superb shooting facility.  Thanks for the great fun and I am looking forward to attending more of your courses in the near future.
From Bruce D.

Many thanks for the special assistance you gave me Sunday.  The lessons learned will be of help for a life time, one that may be longer because of what I learned in your class.

Norm, I can't tell you how many classes, seminars, etc., that I have attended or conducted through the years as VP of Sales for a broadcast group.  I always paid careful attention to how well the message was received by the audience.  Did they sit on the edge of their seats, did they slouch, did they fall asleep, did they participate?  Body language speaks volumes. As is my custom, sitting in the back gives me full view of the other prospective learners.  Not once did I observe any one of the candidates wandering off in their own little world.  You commanded our attention every minute.

Having attended or presented seminars at the Wharton School of Business, Notre Dame, the Guerrilla Warfare Marketing school at UCLA, and many other name institutions, my observations run far and wide.  You are right at the top of the class for holding the participants attention.  The answers may have been right or wrong, but everyone had an opinion and most felt free to express their thoughts.  That is no easy task.

Like most teachers, you may never know the results of your efforts.  You can bet your bottom dollar that each left with a new found respect for firearms and the respective laws that apply. Norm, Tampa Bay is a little better off because of your tireless labors.

Stay safe.  Bruce D.  2/11/03


From  Steve G.

Thanks again for a great class on Saturday. Besides spending time with my family I can't think of when I have had more fun. I can tell you that for all of the years I have been around guns I have never felt more confident. I can see with your input how much my shooting and control has improved. The tactical shooting class was a complete blast. I have had a "(expletive deleted) eating" grin on my face ever since. I can't wait until you come up with the advanced tactical.
Steve G.

From Peter

Hello Norm,
I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for me. As you know I was confronted by a scumbag armed robber in the Hyde Park area in June of 2002 and I'm sure you remember all the details as I related them to you. Well, since I was introduced to you in June of this year I have learned how to protect myself and family in many ways. Having a background in special forces and being an ex-athlete gives a person a false sense of security if we do not hone the skills that we learned on a constant basis. Well, I let my guard down and you know what happened. The courses and information that you and Jane provide are irreplaceable and anyone involved in the shooting sports should take advantage of the knowledge that you both have. You are truly a blessing to all the people that come to you for instruction.
Many thanks,  Peter  :)

From Jim C.

Major Norm Belson,
I want to thank you for providing me the fundamental training and orientation necessary to apply for CWP. I found the instruction thorough and detailed on a wide range of issues from basic handgun operation and safety, to the specific legal do's and don'ts that make all the difference. Your style of teaching makes the course fun, yet business like and I will always remember and value the experience. I will highly recommend the course to my friends, as the better prepared and informed we all are, the better off we will all be.

My family and I thank you.
Jim C.

From Dave O.

Thanks for all your professional help - I feel very comfortable with my Glock, having never had a pistol before. You training is absolutely first class, and I may take you up on the tactical course later on if you feel my present accuracy levels are sufficient, otherwise I have no problem taking more practice!. You are being recommended at every turn!


Dave O.


From Frank O.

Norm, just a note to thank you for the class, as well as to have you add me to your mailing list. You do an outstanding job with your class, and your real world experiences add so much valuable perspective to the information presented. Please keep up the good work.

Frank O.


From Capt. GW.

Norm: Who says that an old dog can't learn new tricks? After 30 years of military, competitive and LE shooting, I still picked up valuable information at your recent course. I appreciate the protocols that you and your assistants take and the safety precautions that you stress in high-risk tactical training. There is little about old PPC and paper punching that prepares one for the seamier side of the real world; the realism in your approach does.
Capt. GW

From Janet.


    Hello.  It has been awhile, I know, and we never did get around to attending your tactical training (after the initial weapons training) course, but it has been crazy regarding work (survival of the non-retirees).  I love that you are enjoying your life.  You are truly a great guy.  You deserve it.  That you maintain helping others protect themselves in a gift you give back to the world; it benefits that you are here.  I will keep in touch.  When things slow down, Glenn and I are dying to see the new shooting range.  I will remember everything you taught me (smile).  You are one of the best teachers I have had the joy of learning from. 



From Ron S.

Dear Sir, Major, Mr. Belson,  Norm:

I was indeed impressed by you, the course logistics, your teaching style, and the presentation of the material for the Florida Concealed Weapons Permit class at Knight's Shooting Sports. Also impressive is your background. I felt that I was listening to someone who commanded respect from that background as well as deserved respect for his accomplishments both military and civilian. Thank you for your service to your country and fellow man. I extend that thank you to you and your wife for your time, efforts, and materials provided me for the weapons permit. I have fired weapons in the past but have never had this type of personal tactical training as presented. I would like to take further instruction in the use of firearms in this similar style or more tactically enhanced methods (did I put that across clearly?). Also, I would like to have my girlfriend take these classes with me (or alone). I look forward to learning from you and express my thanks to both of you, again, for jobs well-done.


Ron S.


From Jim M.:


The class was great! I learned far more than I expected to and feel much better qualified to protect myself. You made learning fun. I know I will need more practice to hone the skills you taught us.Thanks for everything - it could save my life one day.

Jim M.


From Cardin (Hessie):

My wife, Sharon and I come from two totally different backgrounds when it comes to guns.

I was raised in Vermont and had my first 22 Single Shot Rifle at age 6 when my father began my education on guns. Throughout my childhood years in our home, we stored rifles and shotguns in the corners of various rooms in the space behind an open door and 3 revolvers in my dad's dresser drawer. Both my parents educated us kids on the safe handling and skilled shooting of all the guns in our home. Everyone in our family of four, father, mother, sister and myself enjoyed hunting deer, rabbits (with our hound dogs), partridge, wild turkeys, grey squirrel and woodchuck all of which found their way onto our dinner table in one form or another. We also hunted porcupine and bobcats for the bounty the state placed on them to reduce the over-population of their species at that time. During deer season, we were permitted to bring our unloaded deer rifles to school so we could hit the woods after school, something the antigun lobby would never believe possible anywhere. Most all my male and many of my female friends were raised with guns in their homes likewise.

Sharon, on the other hand was raised in upstate New York by a family that did not hunt nor enjoy sport shooting and target practice. There were no guns in her home. When we began our family we lived in Vermont, but shortly after that, my employer transferred me to Cincinnati, Ohio. I decided to leave all my guns with my parents because we were no longer living in a country surrounding. Over the years we moved to various other major urban areas and our three children were raised without having guns in the home.

A couple years ago, after all our children had grown and married and because of the changing times bringing us car jackings, home invasions and assaults of all kinds in broad daylight everywhere, I suggested to Sharon that we invest in a handgun for our protection. At first, the though of a gun in the house was frightening to her and she said she didn't think it was a good idea. After all, she had never even touched a gun, let alone the idea of shooting one. I pressed the subject with her and we visited a few sporting goods stores in the area where we learned about the course that Norm Belson teaches in the Pinellas County area. I told Sharon we should get a gun and take Mr. Belson's beginners class and that I would help her learn to handle the gun on one of the local firing ranges. I believe it was the availability of Norm Belson's class that got her to agree to allow bringing a gun into our home.

We purchased a small Ruger 38 Special SP101 and joined the St. Petersburg Police Pistol Club and I began her lessons in gun handling. We also signed up for Norm's beginners class and we attended the two hour class after she had only been to the range 2 times and was still somewhat timid about shooting the gun. Following the class, in which Norm taught many areas of gun safety and covered some of the dangers that are all around us everyday as we go about our business, Sharon became much more interested in learning to shoot and handle the 38 Special. When I applied for my FL Concealed Weapons Permit, she was not ready to take that step, but realizing that I would be keeping the gun in my possession after receiving the permit, she suggested we buy another 38 Special for herself. We continued our weekly visits to the firing range and Sharon quickly got to be a good shot and began to realize how much fun could be had learning and practicing to shoot. Six months after taking Norm Belson's beginners class, we signed up for his brother Gary's advanced class which lasted all day and she came through that class with a high score and more information about protecting herself and her family. After firing my SIG-Sauer Semi-Automatic, which at first she was not very interested in doing because, as she said, "It's too big for me to shoot!", she came to me and said, "That's was fun! Can I have one???". She now owns her 38 Special and a Glock Model 26 and just this past month of June, received her very own FL Concealed Weapons Permit.

I thoroughly believe the classes taught by Norm and Gary Belson were a major part of getting my wife Sharon over being afraid of guns and turned around to where she is having fun shooting and learning the techniques of self defense. The classes are both informative and fun to attend. The Advanced Class adds actual range time to the classroom sessions for more "hands-on" training and experience. We both highly recommend these classes to all people interested in learning the correct way to handle and use handguns for fun and recreation and the all important skills needed for self defense.

From Cheryl (and Rick):

Norm, I wanted to say "Hats Off " to your course. My husband had always tried to convince me that guns were safe. I did not feel comfortable until I took your course. I now feel that I can make the RIGHT decision if a situation arose because of your course. I think that all women should take it. I look forward to taking your advanced course. Rick too. Keep up the good work to inform everyone!!!!


From Kelley:

Norm, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed both of your classes. Your Concealed Weapons Permit class answered my questions regarding our right to carry and introduced the legal perspective which we all need to be aware of. The class on Basic Defensive Tactics was a natural follow up to the first class. In today's world, major crimes happen daily and no one is immune. The best thing we can do is to take precautions, and this class does a wonderful job of teaching precautions. I especially appreciated the sections on "Defending Yourself at Home" and "Hardening Your House." I left this class feeling more confident about my ability to protect myself and my family. I hope you consider offering additional classes in the future. Thank you.


From Philip: Norm, I got my CWP (Concealed Weapon Permit) the other day and thanks to you and Gary and your excellent class I feel comfortable in being better prepared and to expect the unexpected. I enjoy your Email updates and I forward them to Kimberlee. Keep up the good work. It is comforting to know that you are one of the "good guys."


From Carole (CJ):

Thanks for personally delivering the photos Norm! We appreciate it. Your course was great and I'm glad I participated in it. Thanks for everything.


From Alicia:

Hello Norm, You're very good at what you do. You make your programs very interesting, as well as informative. I will try and come to some of your other programs. I really do enjoy them. Thanks for your support. I really appreciate it, and it helps a lot to know that someone out there cares.


From Melissa:

We were very impressed with the class and your instruction. It was very thought provoking. Thanks again!


From Phil:


Thanks for the info, and for keeping us on your list. We really appreciate the valuable data.

My wife and I had taken Norm's course some time ago, I know you must have too many students go through your courses to remember them all. We had our house broken into, twice before we had taken the course, and once since. I guess they call them home invasions when someone's home. Well, my wife is a little blond girl and we didn't want to take any more chances, so we are both now licensed to carry concealed. More importantly though is that our awareness and caution has increased dramatically. I've read Jon's book several times and will re-read it on a regular basis.

By the way, we have now moved and sold that house. Thanks again for everything. Best, Phil