Norman D. Belson, Major (Ret.)

United States Army

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Married to wife Jane for more than 40 years with four children and five grandchildren. Jane, an NRA certified instructor and NRA member, assists with firearm instruction and security surveys on an 'as needed' basis. Jane presents a valuable ladies perspective that is highly regarded and most appreciated by our clients.






February 1962 February 1982

United States Army

I served in positions of increasing trust and responsibility throughout a 20-year career. Numerous positions involved primary responsibilities in the areas of physical as well as personnel, document and crypto security from the viewpoint of plans, operations and inspections in both peace and war. Assignments included those involving command, staff and instruction in the specific areas of protection of and accountability for government fixed and portable property and facilities and enforcement of Discipline, Law and Order. Highlights are:

  Heavy Weapons Infantryman and Motor Pool Supervisor 24th Infantry Division, Augsburg, Germany 1962-1963

  Communications Supervisor 24th Infantry Division, Augsburg, Germany 1963-1964

  Officers Candidate School - Fort Benning, GA 1964-1965

  United States Army Special Forces - Fort Bragg, NC 1965

  Republic of Viet Nam - Counterinsurgency Team 244th Psy War BN 1966-1967

  Infantry Rifle Company and Headquarters Company Commander - Berlin, Germany 1967-1968

  Republic of Viet Nam - Senior Advisor, 2nd BN, 10th Regiment, 7th ARVN Inf Div

  Infantry Officer Advanced Course - Fort Benning, GA 1969-1970

  Degree Completion Program - University of Tampa, Tampa, FL 1970-1971

  ROTC Instructor - Georgia Military Academy, Milledgeville, GA 1972-1974

  Battalion Executive Officer - Fort Dix, NJ 1974

  Inspector General Staff (Investigations and Inspections) - Fort Dix, NJ 1974-1978

  Assistant 5th Division Provost Marshall - Fort Polk, LA 1978-1979

  Installation Police Operations Officer - Fort Polk, LA 1979-1982


November 1982 June 2003

Clearwater Police Department, Police Officer

I was actively employed as either an Auxiliary Police Officer or as a State Certified Reserve Police Officer for the City of Clearwater, Florida beginning November 1982. Duties included home security surveys, support of Neighborhood Watch Programs, residential and commercial burglary investigations, surveillance of criminal activity, patrol operations, support of special events and 10 years street crime special operations, vice investigations and narcotics suppression operations and SWAT instructor. I donated in excess of 12,000 hours to the City of Clearwater, was injured on the job five times, was Reserve Officer of the Year 13 times, decorated for excellent police work and recognized as Citizen of the Year for major contributions to Clearwater law enforcement.




I have attended numerous military and civilian schools that either directly involved security and law enforcement or included major elements of such operations and concerns in the class curriculum. Those schools included:

  Officer Candidate School, Fort Benning, GA 1964-1965

  Infantry Officer Advanced Course, Fort Benning, GA 1969-1970

  Department of the Army Inspector General School, Washington, D.C. 1975

  United States Army Procurement School, Fort Lee, VA 1977

  Drug Enforcement Administration Regional Course, New Orleans, LA 1979

  FBI Sex Crimes Seminar, Milledgeville, GA 1980

  United States Army Counterterriosim Course, Fort McClellan, Al 1980

  Robbery & Burglary Control, Orlando, FL 1980

  Auxiliary Police Officer Training, Largo, FL 1982

  State Certified Police Officer Academy, Largo, FL 1984-1985

  Clearwater Police Department Field Training Program (560 Hours) 1985-1986

  Continuing law enforcement training with the City of Clearwater 1982 - 2003

  National Rifle Association (NRA) instructor, training counselor and certified range safety officer




  University of Tampa, Tampa, Florida - Bachelors of Science Business 1970-1971

  Pepperdine University, Malibu, California - Master of Arts Human Resource Management 1978